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Hydro Grow

The Easiest and most affordable Hydroponic Systems, Hydro grow kits for beginner and advanced growers. Get great deals on grow lights and our Hydroponics kit.

hydroponics growing
BC-Hydroponics has built a reputation for the carrying the easiest-to-use and most affordable hydroponics systems in the world, helping thousands of people grow their own hydroponics. No other hydroponics website comes with everything you need to grow your hydroponics, including NUTRIENTS, GROW MEDIUM, pH KIT, and a GROW GUIDE covering every step of the hydroponics process from seed germination to harvest!
Hydroponic Systems
hydroponic growing systems
Hydroponic Grow Kits
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Our Best Selling Hydroponics Growing System - The EzHydroKit!

What makes a good hydroponics system? Here at EzHydroKit, we believe it is a matter of price, value, quality, and ease of use. Other companies are selling basic systems for $350 to $650 or more!

Hydroponic Growing Systems Starting At Just $29.95
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Often those growing systems do not even include a light or the necessary supplies. The hydroponics system industry has long been dominated by overpriced, large bulky systems that are difficult to use. EzHydroKit has revolutionized the hydroponics system with our affordable, compact, and easy to use systems and we will continue to bring you new innovations in hydroponics.

Compact, affordable Hydroponic Growing Kits make it fun and
easy to grow all types of fruits, plants, vegetables, and herbs.

We will also continue to offer great support by phone and email to all our customers and potential customers. Our aim is to provide a satisfying hydroponics experience to everyone.

A hydroponics system is an excellent and sustainable way to grow plants. A hydroponics system recycles water which is extremely important in today's world of limited resources. Hydroponics also enables people in all types of living situations to grow their own fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Even the smallest apartment or room can easily hold one or more of our compact hydroponics systems and produce lots of yield for the grower. See all our Hydroponic Systems Now!

History of Hydroponic Growing

Hydroponics and its use dates back thousands of years. Some believe the ancient city of Babylon and its famous Hanging Gardens was the first use of a hydroponics system by man, but hydroponics was probably used even before that throughout the Earth's long history. The Aztecs of Central America developed the famous Floating Gardens on Lake Tenochtitlan in Central America. They used rafts of reeds as a basis for a floating hydroponics system. The Egyptians also used a hydroponics system, and the Chinese have used a similar system to hydroponics to grow rice for thousands of years.

Although the idea and use of a hydroponics system goes far back into human history, its modern forms and usage date back just a few hundred years. Scientists have been examining plants and studying their nutrient usage and requirements. Through the last few hundred years they determined which nutrients were essential for a plant's growth. The nutrients are divided into two groups, macroelements and microelements. The macroelements are required in large amounts and they are salts of: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), sulfur (S), potassium (K), calcium (Ca), and magnesium (Mg). The microelements, required in smaller amounts are salts of: iron (Fe), chlorine (Cl), manganese (Mn), boron (B), zinc (Zn), copper (Cu), and molybdenum (Mo).

Hydroponic growing kits and systems have been perfected over time
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Once these necessary nutrients were understood, scientitsts combined this knowledge with their growing understanding of how plants' roots take in the nutrients. It is not the soil which helps a plant grow, but the nutrients in the soil. So, by isolating these nutrients in their pure form, and combining it with water, a nutrient solution can be formed which will grow a plant just as well or better than soil. The only other thing needed is a growing medium to retain the moisture and secure and support the roots. In a hydroponics system, instead of soil, we use rock wool, grow rocks, and other similar substances. They offer a cleaner more sterile medium than soil. They also retain more mositure.

Modern hydroponics is composed of several different growing methods. A Drip hydroponics system is when a reservoir of nutrient solution is pumped to grow containers through small tubing and drips over the grow medium. This provides a small, steady supply of nutrient solution to the plants. Aeroponics is when the plants' roots are immersed in nutrient solution and air is pumped through the water. Aeroponics can also use a fine mist that contains both air and nutrient solution which is sprayed directly on the roots. NFT or Nutrient Film Technique is perhaps the oldest, simplest, and most effective hydroponics system. In NFT systems, long rows of plant pots sit inside a tray or groove that is at a small incline. The nutrient solution is pumped to the top of the incline and uses gravity to run down the length of the tray. The roots sit in the tray and soak up the solution as it passes by. Then the solution returns to a reservoir where it is then pumped back up into the system and it just recirculates constantly. This method can be used for commercial growing with very long rows of plants.

EzHydroKit's hydroponics systems use the drip and NFT methods. Our new EzFlow system actually combines both methods for a truly spectacular hydroponics system that produces amazing growth rates. Show me this system - click here

Why a hydroponics system? A hydroponics system offers many advantages over conventional soil growing. By elimating soil, you also elimate soil borne pests, insects, bacteria, and diseases that can harm or kill your plants. You also eliminate competing organisms such as weeds. The mediums used in a hydroponics system such as rock wool offer superior aeration to soil. Air is actually very important even for the roots of a plant. Rock wool also offers superior moisture retention.

With a hydroponics system you will be able to grow more plants in a smaller space because the nutrient feeding system is far more efficient. Your plants will grow bigger, faster, and produce more healthy and abundant yield!

If you have any questions at all about hydroponics please feel free to email us at and we will answer you the same day or the next business day. If you would like us to call you personally with an answer, simply leave your name and phone number and we will call you the same day or the next business day.

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